About Us

Hello there, we are a group of  year 1 students from HELP University. Coupled with the enthusiasm of unearthing scrumptious food, we decided to start up a food blog to promote the delicious cuisine around, and with this, we hope the spirit of 1 Malaysia can be embraced by all races. It’s truly inspiring to see how much Malaysia has grown to accommodate so many different races, different religions, yet a country filled with warm hospitality, wonderful people, and of course, yummy-licious food!

Within this tiny space, you’ll find articles being posted up by our team members and they will each be categorized according to their respective general category (eg: Wan Ton Mee – Chinese Cuisine), this will enable you to navigate through our blog with ease. Food reviews are solely based on the contributors’ personal opinion, so the article written can only be taken as a reference, and it is not guaranteed to turn out the same for each and everyone. It’ll be great if you can head on to the restaurant and try it out for yourself. Do consider to drop us an email and tell us what do you think about it! Besides that, we will occasionally attach the history and origin of certain cuisines so if you are interested, please stay tuned!

We thank you for your kind support, and we hope you’ll discover your favourite restaurant through Malaysian Food Diary!

Malaysian Food Diary Team

For quick and instant updates, follow us at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malaysianfooddiary

Instagram: @malaysianfooddiary

Twitter: @malaysianfooddiary

If you ever have the need to contact us, feel free to drop us an email atmalaysianfooddiary@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, thank you! 


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